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Canadian Mining Magazine, published three times per year, is a major voice in the mining industry in Canada. Its content is contributed by mining experts, giving the publication a unique For Industry, By Industry structure that guarantees the content is accurate, timely and interesting.

The magazine is direct-mailed to members of Canada’s mining industry across the country, and it is also widely distributed at both Canadian and international trade shows and events. International readers can read all issues (including the latest) online for free.

Each issue includes in-depth coverage of Canada’s mining industry, highlighting the overall sector, specific regional activity, new technologies being used, short- and long-term forecasts, investment opportunities, government initiatives/programs, human resource and training essentials, and current activity at the junior and established level.

Along with the print magazine, our audience follows our Facebook site (www.facebook.com/CanadianMiningMagazine), which publishes mining news relevant to the Canadian industry several times each day. Join our network to stay current on the latest industry developments in Canada, and that affect Canadians doing mining business abroad.