Special Distribution for Fall 2017:
The 4th Annual Mines and Technology Conference / The Mines and Money Americas Conference, co-held at the same venue; Xplor 2017; the 2nd Annual Improving Performance of Mining Projects conference; the 7th Annual Global Mining IT & Communication Summit; the New Brunswick Exploration, Mining and Petroleum Conference; and Quebec Mines 2017.
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spring 2017

Canadian Mining Magazine, published three times per year, is a major voice in the mining industry in Canada. It is distributed at both Canadian and international trade shows and events, as well as to a mailing list that is made up of the “who’s who” in the industry. Each issue includes in-depth coverage that zeroes in on one Canadian province or region, highlighting the overall industry in that region, investment opportunities, government initiatives/programs, training available, and current activity at the junior and established level.