About Canadian Mining Magazine

Canadian Mining Magazine is a major voice in the mining industry in Canada. Three times per year, the magazine is direct-mailed to a mailing list that is made up of the “who’s who” in the industry; major mine executives and CEOS, venture capitalists, investors, researchers, mining association representatives, university and college mining program administrators, and many more. We work very hard with our industry contacts and writers to ensure that the magazine covers the stories that this calibre of reader will find interesting and relevant.

The magazine is also widely distributed at both Canadian and international trade shows and events throughout the calendar year.

Our magazine is divided into a number of key sections, including:

  1. In-depth coverage that zeroes in on one Canadian province or region: These stories highlight the overall industry in that region, including investment opportunities, government initiatives/programs, industry-related training that is available, and current activity at both junior and senior mining levels. 
  2. Features: The magazine’s feature stories highlight current issues that affect Canadian miners both locally and in their operations around the world. They are often contributed by experts in the industry.
  3. Departments: Every issue also includes specialty coverage from professionals in their respective fields, who translate their knowledge to reflect what’s happening in the mining industry. The departments are: Investment Report, International Report, HR Report, Junior Mining Report, Tax Time, Tools of the Trade and News Watch.

National Coverage

Feature articles on Canada’s North!

Every issue of the magazine focuses on one province or territory in Canada, and the upcoming Fall 2017 issue is going to zero in on Northern Canada. Coverage will include a feature story on mining activity in the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, and how this industry contributes to each province’s economy. Smaller articles will also delve into specific mining stories that are current in these regions. If you supply to the mining industry in Canada’s North, this is a great time to showcase your services with an advertisement placed within these articles.


Featured Coverage

In-depth articles on industry issues!

Each issue of the magazine includes feature articles on industry topics of interest to our readers. As soon as our line-up is secured for the Fall 2017 issue, we will update this text.

Featured Reports

Canadian Content from Expert Contributors!

Each issue of Canadian Mining Magazine features reports from specialists in the industry, in the following departments: Investment Report, International Report, HR Report, Junior Mining Report, Tax Time, Tools of the Trade, and News Watch. These columns discuss current issues, problems, solutions and topics of interest to everyone working in the mining industry in Canada.



The Latest Headlines, Coast to Coast!

What’s happening across Canada? This department showcases the latest mining and energy news from every province and territory. Do you have news to share? Email it to editor@matrixgroupinc.net. All submissions are subject to approval.

The Fall 2017 issue will be all about Northern Canada. Check back often for updates on editorial focus.