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Expert in minerals and resources?
You’ll want to advertise your services and smarts in this magazine.
Marketing a new mining-related product, tool or piece of equipment?
This magazine reaches thousands across Canada, not to mention the world-wide audience who reads the publication online.
Have the knowledge needed to ensure project success? 
You guessed it… showcase that expertise in this magazine!

Yeah, we know. There are unlimited advertising options available in the market. But this magazine, well…
it’s different. This magazine is targeted to mining professionals working on projects in Canada.


New options allow you to target the advertising avenue that is best for you – print, web, Blogs, social media, e-blasts, or a combination of what works best with your marketing strategy!

The more issues you advertise in, the better the deal!

The more business you do with Canadian Mining Magazine, the better the deal you’ll get for your advertising dollars. We’ll work with you to create a marketing strategy that targets the buyers you want to do business with!


In the print magazine, your advertisement can be hyperlinked right to your website. In all of our digital options, your advertisement or Blog can link right to your site and / or to your people!

What this means is that the readers are the very same men and women who are INTERESTED in what you’re selling. 

Let’s say your specialty is mining-related knowledge; financing, regulations, talent-recruitment, legalities, environmental, etc. Doesn’t it make sense to target your advertisement to the very industry that needs expert advice in these areas?

Or is your business focused on designing, building and/or selling mining-related equipment. Guess what? Our readers are building mines, advancing mines, upgrading mines and operating mines. They are purchasing your product and operating your product.

Advertising in Canadian Mining Magazine means showing off your company in a magazine that is mailed directly to purchasing powers working in the industry. Your ad will yield results because it is targeted right to your market.

There are many options for advertising in Canadian Mining Magazine. They fit all budgets, styles and advertising campaigns!

Learn more about advertising! Click here to access a form that will send your details directly to a sales representative.

Other options include:

  • Blogs: We post new industry-specific Blogs to our website every Thursday. They are also pinned to the top of our Facebook page for a full week, ensuring they don’t get lost in the shuffle of new content. You can purchase one or more Blogs but book fast – spots for 2024 are filling fast!
  • E-blasts: We email to a unique list of 2,000 mining industry professionals six times per year (January, February, April, June, September, October). There are two dedicated advertising spots in each e-blast for advertisers. If you are interested in sending an e-blast to our list that is specific to your company and services, we can work with you on a dedicated e-blast to our contacts.
  • Social media: We have a following of over 5,500+ on Facebook and 2,000+ on Twitter. We can share your press releases, event invites, and company news with our followers. Ask your sales representative how!
  • Advertorial: An advertorial is laid out in the magazine to look like an article. Features often include an article, photos, quotes, logos, etc. It is identified as an ad (with “Advertorial” located somewhere on the page), but has the look and feel of an article.
  • Inserts: We offer a number of options for inserts, including full pollybagging and glue-dotting services.
  • Tools of the Trade: Canadian Mining Magazine includes the Tools of the Trade department, which showcases new products to the mining market. Advertisers may be featured in this section if the product is a fit. If you want to learn more about this option, contact us.