Hoyt Hi-Rise Screen

High efficiency “shaped” wire screens are the way to the future

For aggregate producers, efficient and accurate sizing of material using square opening, woven wire screens during processing is essential to profitability. However, carryover of prime size material can become a costly production bottleneck when excessive undersize particles fail to pass through the screen openings. Although conventional round wire screen has been the industry standard, the geometry of the wire itself contributes to ride over. When rock particles contact the round wire, they tend to deflect up and over the screen.

The most common method of addressing carryover is to slightly decrease the wire gauge (diameter) to create more open screening area.  However, in doing so, wear life declines due to abrasion. For decades, this has been the accepted tradeoff. Now Hoyt Wire Cloth is offering a solution called Hi-Rise®, a shaped, woven wire screen designed to provide more open area in wire screen of a given diameter, enabling significantly greater flow and production with less ride over. The result of using shaped, rather than round wire, is that up to 15 per cent more screen openings can be fit into a given area.  The flat surface of the shaped screen wire allows a greater quantity of smaller diameter crushed rock to fall through rather than bounce over the screen, causing quick stratification. 

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