Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 issue featured articles on Canada’s Northern Territories. Coverage included an article discussing mining activity in all three regions, and then separate articles explored specific projects in each region. This included the Minto Mine, located in Yukon; Gahcho Kuй, in Northwest Territories; and coverage on three operating mines in Nunavut – Hope Bay, Mary River and Meadowbank.

Feature articles showcased a great story on IBM Watson, written by Mark Fawcett, Partner at IBM Canada, who spoke about IBM Watson, an artificial intelligence well-known for beating Jeopardy champions in 2011. The technology is now being used with great success in the mining industry to reach high-value exploration targets faster and more accurately. Al Shpyth, Executive Director of the International Minerals Innovation Institute, shared how IMII has created a Diversity & Inclusion Challenge Program aimed at bolstering opportunities for women and Indigenous people in the mining industry. Devon Wells, Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd., shared how e-learning can help train workers in the industry, at their own pace and despite remote locations. Finally, Myriam Francoeur, from G+ Plastics, stressed how ductwork airtightness is critical to enhance auxiliary mine ventilation performance.

The reports in this issue covered a number of interesting topics, including lithium mining, risk mitigation strategies, HR challenges and opportunities, how juniors need to unearth their entrepreneurial spirit, and how the Canada Revenue Agency was denied access to tax accrual working papers, and how this decision impacts Canadian mining operations. The magazine also included a Tools of the Trade section, news from across the nation, and a calendar of upcoming events.

The next issue is due on in January!