Mobile Modular Extrusion system

Breakthrough system reduces operational costs for mining, oil, and gas projects

Tubi USA Inc. has launched a patented Mobile Modular Extrusion system which reduces logistics, installation, and handling costs for the manufacture and installation of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe for the mining, oil and gas,  irrigation, and municipal water and wastewater industries. 

The breakthrough modularized production units operate at Tubi’s sites or each client’s site, directly reducing the cost of pipe transportation and ensuring a certainty of supply at each plant for exclusive client use or for other customers. These mobile extrusion plants can be packed onto flatbed trucks and hauled to project sites in 72 hours to manufacture HDPE pipe for a wide range of infrastructure projects. In the current pandemic, Tubi can move its modular plants where needed and operate at 100 per cent capacity compared to traditional pipe manufacturers in permanent facilities who may face capacity limitations in a down market.  

“Our game-changing modular technologies address the needs of an ever-increasing and far-spanning global community,” says Marcello Russo, Tubi CEO. “With our geographies widening, there is a real demand to utilize more efficient, flexible, and sustainable methods of operation.” The new technology eliminates the risk of handling large pipe lengths while delivering sustainability advantages by reducing truck traffic. The mobile factories can be moved to strategic locations, thus providing increased flexibility compared to conventional brick-and-mortar plants. 

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